About PathoGene

Our Mission

Improving healthcare by getting you answers quickly

Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for doctors and medical staff to make optimal treatment decisions that can ultimately improve public health as a whole. We believe our technology and processes can replace or augment current diagnostic paradigms in a range of settings, such as hospitals, independent diagnostic testing facilities, veterinary and livestock clinics, and research institutions.

PathoGene’s patented, fully-automated, sample-to-answer IVD medical device will detect and identify all infectious bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic pathogens and profile antimicrobial resistance in clinical samples.

Our Science
Who is it for?


Significantly faster and more accurate diagnostic testing improves patient outcomes by reducing hospital length of stay & healthcare costs, lowering risks of long-term complications, and reducing patient mortality.

Diagnostic Testing Facilities

Fully-automated workflows enable untrained laboratory personnel to operate cutting-edge nanopore sequencing technology at a cost comparable to microbiological culture with sensitivity testing.

Military & Biodefense Applications

PathoGene's best-in-class diagnostic testing platform will ensure the United States remains prepared for any biosecurity threat, like SARS-COV-2, Monkeypox, filoviruses, anthrax, and other Category A bioterrorism agents.

Veterinary & Livestock Clinics

Cost-effective diagnostic solutions for livestock and pets will improve business operations and animal well-being across the board while reducing unnecessary antimicrobial drug use and agricultural waste.

Leadership Team

Joseph Mickel
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mike Fang
Chief Science Officer
Chris Pham
Chief Data Officer
John Mickel
Chief Visionary Officer
Paul Spiegel Esq.
Chief Legal Officer
Candi Trac
Lead R&D Scientist

Corporate Advisors

Dr. Barbara Krutchkoff
Biomedical Start-up Consultant
Dr. James Heilman
Clinical Consultant
Dr. Sam Chorlton
Clinical Advisor
Josh Chorlton
Technology Advisor

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